Monster Hunter: World


With its stunning scenery and impressive designs of dragons, weapons and armor, Monster Hunter World is by far best in the line of Monster Hunter genres. Although many of the elements from the previous games have stayed the same and many of the monsters from previous titles has been upgraded to look like newer versions, there is still an element of uniqueness to MHW. It can quickly become addictive when you are out on a hunt with other players searching for that particular item to upgrade your weapon or fulfilling a quest that unlocks a new item or even attempting to gather up a substantial amount of zenny so you can afford a more powerful armor set. MHW has for years had a strong presence within the Nintendo world with fans who continue to appreciate its deep crafting and distinct gameplay. There is a certain level of anticipation when delving into an investigation or optional mission with gigantic monsters who once engaged will dish out everything they’ve got to destroy you and your teammates. The long-drawn out battle sequences are often nerve-racking but thrilling in the same instant. The need to hunt, slay or capture the next ferocious creature is appealing and nonstop. It is especially present when fighting the worst of them all, the elder dragons.

Besides this Monster Hunter World is probably the most approachable game of its series and the easiest to understand and play; a game for both advanced and beginner players. The story begins with researchers and hunters who are entranced to learn more about strange and gigantic monsters who roam in unexplored parts of their fictional world. As a new hunter you are tasked with traveling to these parts to discover why the elder dragons have migrated. Usually 50 minutes or less is given for any hunt and you can choose between 14 weapons to wield and upgrade. The story is not all that great, but the game makes up for it with such impressive gameplay and dramatic sequences. You will easily find yourself playing this game for hours at a time as leveling up gear and weapons can easily take hundreds of hours. The hunt does not stop when the game ends so players will have more than enough to do after the story has concluded.

Check out a streamed Monster Hunter video below featuring gameplay on how to retrieve the Mega Man Palico gear…

Here is another of the Event to get the skin for Ryu…

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Game Review: God of War


Fans who have been immersed in the God of War series will be ecstatic to hear about the new and upcoming release “God of War”. The action-adventure game filled with dramatic and stunning sequences is set to release on April 20th, in a few days. We all recall the last time we were set in Kratos’ world, he was seemingly living the life of a battle-hungry, but wreckless God. A lush for fine wines, orgies and slaying of other Greek gods was a much desired urge. The gameplay was enamored with adrenaline-based sequences, where violence was the norm and finesse in movement wasn’t exactly his strong suit. However, with such ferocity and a drive to enact a kill, there lacked a certain sense of emotion behind the game; a piece of Kratos that ties into humanity.


This all changes in the new series as Kratos has something in his life that requires his approach to be softer and more heroic than savage; a son named Atreus. In the new “God of War” title, Kratos is a father who has undoubtedly aged, but from this growth has arisen in him a sense of calmness. Fatherhood has indeed reverted him into a protector and a teacher. And in carrying such a duty Kratos has relocated to the forests of the Norse realm of Midgard. In the game, we start off learning that his latest wife has died and been cremated. And so, the adventure commences by following her wish to be spread across the highest peak in the land. Whilst moving throughout the journey, you are constantly bombarded by waves of undead soldiers, elves and other creatures of myth. There is however, more finesse to battle this time around as Kratos moves more smoothly almost fluid. The fighting mechanics are just as enjoyable as the savage ways in previous titles. However, his actions are a direct reflection on his focus as a father.


And it is of no surprise that the environments are filled with complexity and a sense of secrecy. Hidden areas are well masked throughout the series similar to that of Nier and Zelda’s Breath of the Wild. It is encouraged that every player take in the breathtaking imagery the game provides as well as the information supplied by those you meet. The title is definitely different than its predecessors and this change adds a more aggregate feel to gameplay. If you have not pre-ordered the title yet, you should do it now…

Here are some videos of God of War…

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Shenmue 3: Finally!


After a 16 year long wait; Shenmue 2 being released in North America in 2002, they are finally in the process of creating the third installment in this action-adventure single player. The first two Shenmue titles were supposedly a commercial failure, however they gained a large cult following and gaines a series of positive reviews. Even Shenmue 2 was praised for being much better than its predecessor in which it addressed all the problems that the first game displayed. Improved movement and a more epic storyline heightened the second installment as well as taking its original console, the Dreamcast, to the brink of its capabilities as a system. Shenmue was undoubtedly not the best graphical displayed game, but it did offer a unique feel and gameplay compared to others of its time. In fact, Shenmue 2 was ranked the tenth best game of all time in the IGN Reader’s Choice, “Top 100 Games of All Time” poll. However, after commercially failing, although a popular title, the development of Shenmue 3 entered a period of development hell which lasted for more than 15 years. However, the cries of fans continued to stream the Internet and social media alike. I too craved another Shenmue game as the previous was left at a cliffhanger. In June 2015, the game’s director Yu Suzuki, after leaving Sega for a while to focus on his own development studio, decided to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to aid in the development of Shenmue 3. The campaign was an immediate success having met its initial target of $2 million in under eight hours, making it the fastest Kickstarter campaign to reach that amount. It ended in July 2015 having raised over $6 million being the fastest and highest funded video game and the sixth highest funded campaign in Kickstarter’s history.

Shenmue 3 will continue the story from the second installment, leaving the series main character Ryo Hazuki in the mountains of Guilin China in search of his father’s killer Lan Di. Having met the literal girl in his prophetic dreams, Shenhua, they learn of a united path between them and Ryo must follow this path to reveal their connected destiny. Ryo will start the game in Bailu Village in Guilin and can journey to a second area called Choubu which is filled with hotels, temples and various shops. A third area called Baisha will expose Ryo to mini games, one of them being reminiscent of the Warring Kingdoms. Shenmue 3 is said to release in the U.S. sometime in the Fall or Winter of 2018.


Check out a trailer of the game Here.


Game Review: Final Fantasy XV


The last canonical installment to the Final Fantasy series was FFXV. Having been impressed by the promotional advertisements and videos that were leaked prior to its release, I was undeniably anxious to play this game. Upon first impressions from the demo where Noctis is tasked with taking down the Behemoth and summoning his first astral, Ramuh, there was already a brilliance to the way the gameplay was delivered to its players. Of course, nowadays most pay attention to the graphical content in a game , instead of the other aspects to which it is compiled, but FFXV delivered in multiple ways and did not deliver in other ways. he story line was impressive nonetheless and the massive environment to which the player can travel to was also fun to explore. I remember purposely riding as far as I could go to the edge of the map just to see how far the land expanded. Exploration was one of the best features in FFXV, having traversed multiple dungeons for the unique rewards and multiple tombs to uncover the royal arms. You can easily get lost in the game for hours and not even realize how much time has passed and still not succumb to the monotony in other games. The hunting system also added another bit of depth to the game as Noctis and crew suddenly become bounty hunters taking on the quests of different citizens to slay unique monsters who dish out even more unique items. Noctis was of course another added bonus to the game , the young son of King Regis of Insomnia venturing out to join with his betrothed Lunafreya Nox Fleuret of Tenabrae in an effort to unite their two warring nations. Understanding the story was not that difficult, but for players who craze to know more it would be beneficial to watch the Kingsglaive movie.


Kingsglaive adds even more to the back story of FFXV and was to me a great picture. Not better than FFVII Advent Children, but far surpassing the first FF film Spirits Within.

Although FFXV had many great features I could not connect with all the characters like I have with other FF games. Other games allowed fora more personable connection which this seemed to lack. Also the loss of having different races of characters was upsetting to me. Most FF teams consist of some sort of foreign creature, a mage and other characters which add distinction to the ranks, but this failed to bring that aspect. Not to mention there is only two continents in the entire game to which I assumed there would be mutiple.

All in all the game was pretty decent, but I would prefer FF return to its previous roots. Oh and I did discover an interesting story online about the history of the astrals and Pitioss Ruins, fans may want to take a gander. Not sure if it is true or not but it is interesting. Check it out Here.

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There is also a mobile app based on the game called Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.


Final Fantasy VII: Classic & Remake


On January 31, 1997, one of the greatest role-playing genres was released to the world, entitled Final Fantasy VII. Originally developed by Square for the first PlayStation console, FFVII is the seventh installment in a series that was initially tied to handheld devices. The game brought to life one of the most memorable video game characters, Cloud Strife, a mercenary from an elite super soldier organization called SOLDIER who joins forces with an eco-terrorist organization called AVALANCHE set to prevent the conglomerate Shinra from using the planet’s life essence as an energy source. As the story progresses and the events begin to unravel, they learn of a superhuman called Sephiroth. Sephiroth was the result of an experiment by Shinra in which was injected with cells from an extraterrestrial form named Jenova and upon realizing this decides to take control of what he believes to be his fate and take the planet as his own. Cloud and notable allies such as Tifa Lockheart, Vincent Valentine, Barret and Aerith Gainsborough decide they need to put an end to Sephiroth. We all remember the dramatic sequences from the original game where Cloud discovers his origins and especially when Sephiroth takes the life of Aerith. Initially heartbroken and angered once Sephiroth did the unforgivable it just made me as the player want to press on and destroy him as I’m sure others felt. Nonetheless, Cloud and Sephiroth have become a staple to the FF series having appeared multiple times in other series such as Kingdom Hearts, Ehrgeiz, LittleBigPlanet, Dissidia and Super Smash Bros. In addition, both Cloud’s Buster Sword and Sephiroth’s Masamune are notable weapons for their unique appearances. Final Fantasy VII brought something unique to the series, a heartfelt storyline, with a well-thought out word map and a set of characters with whom fans all fell in love with.

This is the reason why awaiting the Final Fantasy VII remake is so difficult. Seeing the preview videos and the amazing graphics and gameplay immediately takes me back to playing the original series and makes me excited to see how they reinvent the story, characters and the world with all the new cutting-edge technologies we have in graphics today. Don’t get me wrong, I am a stickler for the classics, pixelated graphics and all lol, but there is just so much to FFVII that could be done with what we have now that it’s impossible not to be eager. Check out the images to the remake below.

And if you would like to purchase an original copy of FFVII you can buy it here at Amazon.


Game Highlight: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider2

Although not a new release Rise of the Tomb Raider is a must have for those who crave adventure, dramatic sequences and of course a gun toting Lara Croft. ROTR is the second installment in Square Enix’s rebooted version of the original Tomb Raider series that originally began in 2013. I recently began to replay the entire game as I’ve decided I need to earn platinum trophies in all my purchases now lol. However, my replay was even more exciting the second time around and reminded me why I love the new rebooted series that pays homage to its predecessors. This is not the Lara we all know as these new stories tell of her origin before becoming the “Tomb Raider” we are familiar with. Lara packs a fresh new arsenal of weaponry with some familiar guns such as the SMG, pistols and revolvers, but the bow and the pickaxe continue to be the highlight in this new series as they feature a new set of skills fans would appreciate. Environments are of course taken to new levels of beauty just like the prior game and areas are configured with different interactive sequences such as picking up materials for health and upgrades and finding items to build other weapons and literature to help players learn more about the backstory. As the player, you are always on edge as you continue to follow the story whether fighting through waves of soldiers or undead Greek warriors or even while making drastic leaps to new heights climbing or escaping natural environmental disasters. The game is also not lost to its classic roots as there are many secret tombs in various areas that Lara can explore which could be dangerous, tricky or puzzle-ridden, but helps her reap great rewards with Ancient Items. The fun honestly doesn’t end when you beat the game initially, but when you finish and are left to explore the open world for even greater rewards and items. Story-wise, the game does not fail to deliver as you do meet a unique set of allies and foes alike and paying attention to the deeper meaning within the game leaves any audience captivated. Square Enix has undoubtedly done a fantastic job with Rise of the Tomb Raider and it is of no surprise that fans are on the edge of their seat as they await the Shadow of the Tomb Raider which helped to inspire the recent Tomb Raider film.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been in the works for some time as the third and final installment in Lara’s origin story. The game is set to release on September 14, 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.