Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 4, the sequel to DMC 3 was originally released in January of 2008. The story follows both main characters, Nero, a teen who possesses demonic abilities and has vowed to stop the series main lead Dante, the son of Sparta who has assasinated demons from the Order of the Sword. DMC 4 is the second in the series to place control on two characters at the same time, or better yet multiple times throughout the series. The title follows the similar adventure-styled hack and slash as the other previous titles as players possess a myriad of different firearms and swords. When initially released, it was the first entry in the series to have been placed onto multiple consoles consecutively. Although met with positive reviews and praise like DMC 1 & 3 before it, DMC 4 was especially favored due to its challenging difficulty and special moves. In addition, the playable Nero proved to be a fan favorite amongst many. Dante has four different play styles players can use which can add both a complexity and uniqueness to the game. Mixing and matching between styles proves to be fun and the customization element is abstract. Nero however possesses abilities that are more fluid than Dante. Nero carries a bit more speed, style and grace in comparison. Each character has their benefits, it just depends on what you like as the player.

This remastered edition released in mid 2015 not only carries Dante and Nero as playable characters, but also Trish (Dante’s mother), Vergil (Dante’s brother) and Lady a gun toting woman who is Arkham’s daughter from DMC3. It also adds a new special game mode called Legendary Dark Knight which creates an overwhelming amount of enemies on each stage. Japanese and English voice tracks are also included with improved special effects and textures. In all, the game looks cleaner in presence and is still an enjoyable series to own.

Here is a stream of DMC4: Special Edition. Check out the video below.

God of War: Fulfulling Mother’s Wish


After a long and fulfilling playthrough of the lastest God of War title, the ending was finally reached. Here is the last part of the game in which Kratos and Atreus fulfill his mothers wish. The ending rendered a bit of mixed criticism in my opinion, but you can watch it here for yourself in my game stream.


Kingdom Hearts 3: Exclusive Scene & Gameplay So Far…


Fans have long awaited the return of the next installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, 12 years to be exact! Kingdom Hearts 2 made its way to North America in March of 2006. The series has undoubtedly been a game that exhibits deepened levels of nostalgia and amazing gameplay. KH, while a hack and slash action role-playing title, pulls together familiar faces from childhood cartoons and other popular video games alike. Sora, the current Keyblade wielder, is entrusted with sealing the door to Kingdom Hearts and is accompanied by two emissaries and infamous faces from the Disney Castle, Goofy and Donald Duck. Both Goofy and Donald Duck are sent to find this keyblade wielder under the orders of their missing King; Mickey Mouse. As the three band together to stop the dark dwelling Heartless they come into contact with many enemies and many foes from different worlds. In addition to Mickey, Donald and Goofy, Sora is exposed to such heroes as Hercules, Auron from Final Fantasy X, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Cloud from FFVII, Simba from the Lion King, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mulan and several others. He is also exposed to many villains such as Sleeping Beauty’s Malificent, Hades, Sephiroth from FFVII, Jafar, the Hydra and even Judge Claude Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame amongst many others. He is also taken to worlds such as Atlantis, Halloween Town, The Colliseum, Agrabah, the 100 Acre Wood and the Castle of Dreams from Cinderella. With so many familiar faces and so many familiar locations, KH is instrumental in developing a feeling of pure sentiment within the player, while also enjoying the fast-paced play style filled with an extended collection of location-based weapons and powerful magic. Not to mention the hilarity in moments where the trio are caught up in odd conjunction-based attacks. Although there is never a dull moment in the fighting mechanics the same can be said during cinematic sequences that are both remarkable and wistful while melding the cutesy graphics.

After all, Sora is still a young boy entrusted with a great level of responsibility. His responsibility becomes a journey of both discovery and maturity as he continues to learn the worlds outside of his own and braves the dangers faced in unknown territories. He is also befriended by many who are both captivated by his heroism and influenced by his resolve as the key wielder. And he is also hunted by the malicious Organization XIII, who selfishly seek the power of Kingdom Hearts. Although it seems that after the events of Kingdom Hearts II that the Organization was destroyed and Sora reunited with loved ones on his home island, there is a mysterious letter from king Mickey towards the end of the game whose contents are unrevealed to the player. It is this letter that sets the motion for the events of Kingdom Hearts III.

Again, although the wait has been long KH3 is soon coming. As proof, this video below demonstrates extended gameplay and exclusive scenes…

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Review


BlazBlue, developed by Arc System Works, is a single/multiplayer 2D fighting game. It is the fourth installment in the BlazBlue series and takes place after BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. Fans would be excited to learn that all characters from the previous title return in Central Fiction which makes a total of 36 playable characters. Characters include Kagura’s assistant Hibiki Kohaku, the main protagonist of Bloodedge Experience Naoto Kurogane, Nine the Phantom and Hades Izanami one of the main villains of the BlazBlue universe. Although gameplay is generally the same as compared to the previous titles, there are a few changes and a few added mechanics to Central Fiction. One example is the the Overdrive activation’s duration which is now displayed under the burst gauge which takes the shape of a countdown timer. The picture of the character near the health bar is now active as it shakes when taking damage. Additional mechanics include the Exceed Accel which is a special type of Distortion Drive which is executed at the same input as the Overdrive activation and once successful in execution the background shatters. The move will deal a great amount of damage, but quickly eliminates the Overdrive. Another mechanic is the Active Flow which acts as the opposite of Negative Penalty status. Offensive fighters will be placed into Active Flow and this will create a advantage for characters by instilling heavy boosts of damage and recovery of the burst gauge. After engaging Active Flow the characters emblem will switch from normal color to a purplish-pink. The color will also display when close to being in Active Flow.


The game has received much praise for its playing style and characters. It is a classic example of how 2D players are still popularized in such an advanced gaming society. Gameplay is reminiscent of many famous 2D titles such as Guilty Gear and Fatal Fury, but adds a unique flare of its own with distinct gauges and special abilities as well as uniquely crafted characters. It does not feel limited like other 2D fighters as you are able to sweep other characters off the ground with devastating moves and perform limitless combinations by performing the right types of moves. The anime-ish design of the characters mixed with the realistic background displays is a staple in the Arc game design and continues to be a blend that is greatly appreciated. Upon continuous play throughs of Central Fiction, I felt an immediate connection to the previous titles, not to mention being so impressed by the new additions that it became addictive. It is recommended that gamers buy this title which can be purchased here.

Check out some of the videos from Central Fiction below…

Tekken 7: How the Special Chapter Simpler & Earn the Master of Iron Fist Trophy!


The special chapter of Tekken 7 can be a bit challenging for players. Many seem to get frustrated due to the sheer power exhibited by Akuma. However, do not fret, because the video provided below will offer some helpful fighting tips to make the chapter simpler. In doing so, players can also achieve the last trophy in the game entitled, “Master of Iron Fist”.

Check out the video below.


Yakuza 6: Kiryu is Back!



Last week was a great week in gaming. Two infamous titles were released; God of War and Yakuza 6. Having played both games I thought I would start a review for Yakuza 6 first as it was released three days ahead of GOW lol. Yakuza 6 holds true to its original titles with updated move lists, new enemy faces with some old favorable faces, a familiar environmental setting and a storyline that continues to climax as the character progresses through the game. Fans will be excited to learn that Kazuma Kiryu returns as the main and only playable character as he explores several regions such as Kamurocho, Tokyo and Onomichi in the Hiroshima Prefecture.


The story starts off with Kiryu recovering from injuries sustained after the events of Yakuza 5. Kiryu, who has been hospitalized, is further approached by the authorities with intentions of detaining him based on his history of crime and involvement with illegal yakuza based activities. Although having redeemed himself in many other ways, Kiryu chooses not to resist the arrest and chooses to spend three years in prison. His choice is made as he feels the children he has fostered will be able to live peacefully. After being released, Kiryu makes a surprising visit to the orphanage overwhelming the children with happiness. They inform him that Haruka has gone missing which prompts Kiryu to return to Kamurocho. Upon arriving, he gains information which details Haruka having been involved in a hit-and-run. Not only is the girl ledt in a coma after the incident, but she has birthed a child called Haruto. Unsure whether Haruka will fully recover Kiryu fears for the baby’s future. He takes the infant forcefully and travels with him to Onomichi Jingaicho in Hiroshima to discover the truth behind Haruka’s accident and her absence.

The game overall has been a fun experience so far. I am a fan of the series and this title does not disappoint. Unlike other games, the story continues and flows perfectly from its predecessors; almost like the player never stopped playing. The title also displays a softer side of Kiryu; the side that really exhibits what it is like to be a father as he cares for the baby, Haruto, throughout the entire story. Not only does the main story impress though, but Yakuza adds a myriad of fresh side missions that will have the player on the game for hours. In addition to this there are tons of very fun mini-games. Such mini-games include Virtua Fighter in the arcade, a few 2-D adventure and puzzle games, a motorcycle and car racing game, a batting cage game, of course mahjong, darts and a warring siege game.


This game is definitely a must have. Streaming videos will come in later posts, but if you would like to purchase this title click Here.


New Game Release: Undernight: In-Birth


Undernight Cover

Undernight: In Birth is a new 2D game release from Ecole Software and French Bread, with fighting mechanics published by Arc System works and Akys Games. The game was developed for the Playstation 3,  Playstation 4, and Vita platforms. Undernight takes place in a realm called the Hollow Night which is overrun by shadowed creatures called Voids. Only certain individuals in the world have the skill to “perceive” such monsters, but in doing so, they are either consumed by them or suffer a loss of sanity.  Those who maintain their peace of mind after coming in contact with a Void become known as an In-Birth. Doing so positions the person into a state of limbo where they also acquire the skill to control existence.

Undernight is reminiscent of the title “Melty Blood” produced by the same company. It also shows some similarities to Arc System’s “BlazBlue” and “Guilty Gear”. The game features hand-drawn high-resolution spirits who are placed at the forefront of 3-dimensional backgrounds.

Check out one of my video streams below; a quick arcade run with the sword wielding, In-Birth Hyde.

Here is another video with me testing out Mika…

One last video of Linne…

You can purchase the game on PSN for $50 and in-store at $40 by clicking Here.