Fashion House Coach Goes Dark With Disney X Coach Collection

Fashion House Coach has teamed up with Disney to create a limited-edition line called Disney x Coach “A Dark Fairy Tale.”  When you think of Disney, you think of the iconic big-eared mouse.  This collection is a great deviation from that thought.  Just imagine if your favorite Disney character was a corpse when they saw their reflection in the mirror.  That is what the latest collaboration between the Magic Kingdom and legendary house of style encompasses.  I really like the line.  Many of the items sold out within a week or so of release – including the shoes that I wanted.  Don’t feel sorry for me though; I stalked the site and finally found a pair, and they were sold out again.

I think that the collaboration is successful in marrying a fashion line that hasn’t been known for its edginess, with a bit of a darker twist.  In doing so, there was a risk to both Disney’s character (no pun intended) and the label’s.  Although, Coach has really evolved within recent years, bringing items that are trendy, while keeping much of what made them a successful brand in the first place.  While it is blatantly obvious that their target market is millennials, their new direction was much needed and allowed for the company to emerge from the obscurity that it experienced for a time-period.

Checkout some of pieces of the line below.  Links are under them items.


The Met Gala: Best Dressed Men

The Metropolitan Museum of Art held its annual costume fundraising event.  The event, otherwise known as The Met Gala, is a charity event, but it is by invite only.  There is a theme each year.  This year’s theme was:  Heavenly Bodies:  Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

While much of the attention is given to women’s fashion, we also want to give some attention to the men that we thought were the best dressed of the night.  I have to preface this by saying:

  1.  I loathe a traditional black and white suit, so no one that donned that exact look made the list.
  2. Not all of the men really got into the “religious” theme, so some on the list will just be, well.. high fashion.


10.  Trevor Noah – Balmain

Tevor Noah - Balmain Tuxedo with Embroidered Cross


9.  Sean “Diddy” Combs – Musika Frere

Diddy Musika Frere


8.  Lewis Hamilton – Tommy Hilfiger

Lewis Hamilton - Tommy Hilfiger


7.  Wiz Kalifah – Dior Homme

Wiz Khalifa - Dior Homme


6.  Andrew Garfield – Tom Ford

Andrew Garfield - Tom Ford.jpg


5.  Shawn Mendez – Tommy Hilfiger

Shawn Mendez - Tommy Hilfiger


4.  Luka Sabbat – H&M

Luka Sabbat - H and M


3.  Cole Sprouse – Thom Browne

Cole Sprouse - Thom Browne


2.  Chadwick Boseman – Versace

Chadwick Boseman - Versace


1.  Michael B. Jordan – Off-White

Michael B Jordan - Off-White

Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director to Release Latest Designer Converse

Virgil Abloh has been a busy man lately. Aside from being recently appointed as the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, managing his own brand, Off-White, and teaming up with Ikea, he has recently collaborated with Nike on an exclusive design of the legendary Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. The limited edition sneakers, deemed the “Chuck 70”, are actually a nice take on the classic sneakers. They feature a blue translucent sole, heavy graphic writing on the sides and sole, and a red zip tie on the laces. They will retail for $130.

The sneakers are scheduled to be released on May 12, exclusively on Converse’s website and Abloh’s Off-White website. It isn’t known when they will be released to other retailers. However, it is recommended that you sign-up for notifications on Converse’s website, as they are expected to sell out quickly.

Will you be picking up a pair? I am!

Virgil Abloh Converse2Virgil Abloh Converse1Virgil Abloh Converse3


Why Every Guy Should Own A Pair of Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks have seen their fair share of highs and lows in fashion. They’ve been on the receiving end of jokes, as well as the trendy side of footwear, with being considered a joke sticking to their reputation. However, I am here to convince you with two reasons why you need a pair of Birkenstocks in your closet!

1).  Versatility:

Most guys have a pair of Nike or other brand sandals in their closet – which is okay. However, a pair of Birkenstocks not only provides a greater level of convenience, but the ability to adapt to your look for the day. Think about it – we have this “get up and go” approach to things. We want something that we can put on to run to the store or run to the mall or go to meetup and hangout with some friends. The traditional slide-in rubber sandals don’t always provide that versatility. Birkenstocks offer various styles and materials for something as casual as sweatpants and jeans or sandals that can be worn with jeans, chinos, or even certain styles of dress pants. That is something that you cannot pull off with a pair of rubber sandals. But, if that is your thing, they offer similar footwear at a lower cost than their traditional leather.

2).  Durability:

Birkenstocks’ origins date back to literally centuries ago. It would be an understatement to say that the company had time to test materials and the durability of the sandals. The soles of Birkenstocks are designed to mold to your foot’s natural shape over time – something that traditional rubber sandals cannot do. The foot-beds are made of thick cork screw which also makes it harder for the sole of the shoe to be impacted by an accidental scraping, scratching, or any other incident that would scuff a normal sandal. All proving that not only is there great durability, but comfort and conformity in them as well.

By now, you should have reconsidered purchasing a pair of Birkenstocks. With the footwear coming in so many different styles which provides versatility, and with the material being so durable, they are worth a second thought.

Checkout some of the styles below.

Are These the New Yeezys?

No, they aren’t, but Kanye West recently emerged from his Twitter hibernation and released a mockup image of his adidas Yeezy Boost 350s.  The image West posted is actually a photoshopped image showing the original direction of the Yeezy sneakers back in 2014.  He presented them to Louise Wilson, a British Professor of Fashion, that taught numerous legendary fashions icons, including Alexander McQueen.

Two of the most notable differences between the rendering and the released version are that the ribbed midsole doesn’t span the entire shoe and lack of laces like the ones first released in 2015.  Ye’ also took the time to callout Nike for which he accused of stealing the design of his Yeezy Boost 700 for their Yeezy 700 Vibes.

Who knows, maybe that rendering will be a reality.  Will you be rocking them?

Yeezy Rendering


Gucci Has Us Hallucinating

Gucci has launched its latest literal masterpieces with the launch of the #GucciHallucination collection.  The luxury line has partnered with Spanish Artist, Ignasi Monreal, on the limited edition collection which will include menswear.  The primary influence of the collection is art.  It fuses classic artwork with colorful and modern t-shirts and sweatshirts.  They will highlight historical pieces such as John Everett Millais’ “Ophelia” and Hieronymous Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.  It is for their Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Such collaborations are not new to fashion houses.  In 2017, Louis Vuitton collaborated with modern Artist, Jeff Koons, to create a capsule collection entitled Masters II, which featured pieces with the iconic and timeless artwork of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and others.  However, LV’s collection predominately targeted women, as the artworks were primarily featured on handbags and accessories.  With Gucci, men can don some classical artwork, too.

Checkout some of the pieces below.

Gucci H - OpheliaGucci H 1

Gucci H 4

Gucci H 5

Introducing the iGuaneye Flip Flop

Flip flops that don’t actually flip or flop. What does that mean? This Spring/Summer season will introduce a new take on the traditional footwear. The iGuaneye Jungle flip flop is making its rounds into fashion and popular culture. The sandals are not flip flops at all. The design of the sandal is that it wraps around the big toe and heel to keep the sandal on the foot with a firm grip.

The Portuguese company that invented them, iGuaneye, stated that they got the inspiration from ancient Amazonians who wore such footwear that they made themselves. The company, however, was able to recreate the footwear through 3D printing. There are two versions: the Jungle Light and Jungle Lux. The latter being more expensive with a price tag of $100 compared to the Light costing about $70. With their growing popularity, more than likely, you’ll be seeing them around.

Get more details on how to get them by clicking on the pic below.



Meet Louis Vuitton’s New Artistic Director


In March of 2018, Louis Vuitton was the latest brand to push past barriers in the luxury brand industry by appointing Virgil Abloh, a black man, their new Artistic Director of their menswear line. Abloh is Ghanaian-African American, and he joins the rank of the rare few black designers that have headed houses in the luxury retail market. He joins that list with such Creative Directors as Olivier Rousteing for Balmain and Ozwald Boateng for Givenchy. However, Abloh is not new to the industry. He founded his own line, Off White, in 2012. He has also been a consultant, collaborator, and Creative Director for Kanye West. He designed the covers of West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, as well as West’s and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne. He was even nominated for a Grammy award for the latter.

It is important to understand the significance of his appointment. The Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton brand, better known as LVMH, is one of the top luxury brands in the world. In 2017, they continued to grow in revenue, ending the year with $53 billion in sales, breaking sales records. The brand also holds a spot in the list of World’s Most Valuable Brands, sitting firmly in the top 20. So, his appointment as Creative Director for LV menswear is sort of a big deal. Abloh will be expected to assist in the continuous revenue growth of the LVMH brand – no pressure there.

Fashion Trend: Hawaiian Print Shirts

For this Spring/Summer season, you will be seeing a lot of Hawaiian and tropical print shirts.  If you don’t think it’s for you, don’t count it out, yet.  Find some different ways and tips on how to wear the print below.

Casual look: By pairing the tropical print shirt with a pair of destroyed denim jeans and Birkenstocks, it creates a casual look that can be worn any day of the week.

Semi-casual:  By pairing the tropical print shirt with a pair of bright colored chinos, espadrilles, and a straw fedora, this look is better suited for gathering with friends or night out on the town.

Brooks Brothers Hawaii
Tropical Print Shirt: Brooks Brothers $59.50