Real Talk: Men and Mental Health

Men and Mental Health

Mental health in men has been generating much attention these days as major male celebrities are coming forward and opening-up about their personal struggles with various disorders.  Deadpool actor, and People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Reynolds, recently opened-up about his battle with anxiety and how it can often be crippling on and off set.  In addition, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently revealed that he battles with depression and how it has impacted his personal and professional life.  Also, Zayn Malik from the group One Direction, has been vocal about his struggles with an eating disorder.

Mental illness is a serious issue, yet it often goes undiagnosed in men.  The stigma associated with it impacts men coming forward to seek professional help which often proves fatal.  Over 6 million men suffer from depression.  Statistics show that over 75 percent of the suicide victims in the United States alone are men.  Relatively, men are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide versus their counterparts.

Also, when it comes to eating disorders, there aren’t any biases there either; even though it is under-reported in men.  About 1 in 4 men suffer from eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia, with binge-eating accounting for 35 percent of the disorder in men.  That was a 70 percent increase in a 6-year period from 2010 – 2016.  That figure does reflect progress in men coming forward, but men still associate eating disorders with woman.

Guys, I just want you to know that it is OKAY not to be okay.  Pressures of the world will come, and we all have our limits.  It is important to take the necessary measures to assist with the improvement of any form of mental health that you may be dealing with.  I’ve been there, and you are not alone.  The world needs you here.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-8255

#MeToo: Studies Show Divide in Opinions

me too2.png

The #MeToo movement has become an unstoppable and much needed movement within the past couple of years.  With accusations against such large names as Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby, even more attention is being garnered and rightfully so.  Sexual harassment is absolutely unacceptable – no matter how big the name is.  However, as the attention grows, viewpoints from both men and woman are being studied, and the differences in views were quite distinct.

A recent poll from CNN was taken in regards to how important the subject of sexual harassment was in male and female voters for any upcoming elections. The poll results showed that 52 percent of men viewed sexual harassment as very important in their vote, while 63 percent of woman believe that sexual harassment is extremely important in the candidate that they vote for.  The reports of sexual harassment has also grown within the last year.  The study revealed that one in three woman have come forth with a sexual harassment complaint within the last year.

In another study, men and women were given a list of actions and asked to determine which ones constitute sexual harassment.  The actions included a wide range of things from flirting to actual groping.  Within all of the actions, men were less likely than women to rate any items on the list as sexual harassment, while 20 percent of woman found most of the items on the list as sexual harassment.

Ultimately, there will always be people who consider certain acts as harassment more than others.  The bottom line is that if someone says no, you’re making me uncomfortable, or just plain stop, that is more than enough for someone to take a hint and walk away.  There are no exceptions.

Swipe Right: The Type of Guys that Women Really are Attracted to.

Recently, a male model from London by the name of Ben Southerst decided to conduct an experiment on the dating app Tinder.  He wanted to get a sense of what physical features women really were attracted to.  In his experiment, Southerst created five different profiles on the dating app. In each picture, he edited his photos, varying different features of his physical appearance.

His first upload was a real photo of himself, without alteration, which is a full head of hair and goatee.

Other pictures that were edited and uploaded were:

·       Full head of hair and clean shave

·       Full head of hair and stubble

·       Thinning hairline, mostly bald on top

·       Receding hairline

The results were not so surprising. He received 120 matches for his picture with a full head of hair and clean facial shave and 85 matches for the full head of hair and full beard goatee. For his pictures with the thinning hair, reminiscent of Prince William who is only 35 years old, Southerst received only three matches.  Yikes! He found that the variations with a receding hairline just did not fly with woman. I guess the old wearing a hat in your picture trick will have to do for now.

Ben full beard


Ben clean shave

Full Head of Hair – Clean Shave

Ben beard

Full Head of Hair – Stuble

Ben hair receding more

Thinning Hair – Mostly Bald

Ben hair receding

Receding Hairline



Are Guys Really That Immature?

Well, according to a recent study, we just may be when it comes to humor. A study was conducted with 821 participants, both male and female, on Amazon’s online survey website. The participants were asked to rate 200 words and score them from low to high on how funny they thought they were. The participants were advised to score them on their immediate reaction to the word; no second guessing.

What are some of the words that men rank the funniest? Well, guys thought bondage, orgy, and corn were amongst the funniest words, according to the survey. Other high ranking words included raccoon, birthmark, and chauffer – yeah, pretty random. I am laughing at those words myself, so maybe we are really that immature in our humor! One other thing to note is that guys tend use humorous words to compete with each other to impress woman; something else not so surprising.

girl rolling eyes 1

Male Birth Control? There’s a Pill for That!

Well, guys, you can no longer make excuses about having fathered a child. Nor can the “I had a condom on” excuse be used. There is now a pill for that! Scientist have successfully tested a male birth control pill. The drug is EP055. So far, it has only been tested on monkeys, but has proven effective – without hormonal side effects. There have been advances in medicine for male birth control in the past, but they all had side effects, with some causing hormonal changes in men.

The pleasure pill works by targeting protein on the surface of sperm. This then limits the sperm’s ability to move, decreasing their chances of making their way to fertilize any eggs. In addition, the effects of the pill have been found to be reversible, so if it is stopped, the ability to procreate will remain. If you are not feeling a pill, there is always the big “nip tuck”, otherwise known as a vasectomy. The testing is still in the preliminary stages. More testing needs to be performed before it is released for human use. The drug may not be available any time soon, but it is coming.

Male birth control2

Ditch The Good Luck Underwear

A recent study was conducted on men and what they consider to be their best good luck charms. A survey revealed that the number one good luck charm by men are ties. Yes, ties. The spot used to be held by underpants (I think we all have gone through a phase where we owned a pair of underwear that brought us good luck). About 18 percent of men believe ties are their good luck charm, followed by underwear, with shirts, jewelry, and cuff links also making the lucky list. It should be no surprise then, that men also stated that they have a lucky suit as well. Pair that lucky tie with that lucky suit, and you’re a walking-talking good luck charm!

lucky tie3