The Mancave: Part 2

man cave6

When decorating your man-cave, it really comes down to a matter of personal taste, which of course varies from man to man. With that being said a general rule of thumb is adding a personal touch. Something that speaks volumes, but is still subtle at the same time. Artwork is usually a must have in every man space. Whether the infamous “Dog’s Playing Poker” to a Playboy pin-up piece; whatever your taste try to think about something that can be a conversation starter as well as a point of interest.


Furniture shopping can be a bit more simple since it is said that the average bachelor has no taste. However, us guys know that this statement is far from the truth. On that note, let’s talk seating. Something comfy is necessary and this could include a bean bag chair, love seat, or a recliner. No matter the choice it is all about your comfort. Men aren’t that picky so your boys won’t really mind; they’re mainly there for the booze, sports, video games and guy talk.


Speaking of guy talk, the television is one of the most significant features of a man-cave. We all know one thing about TV’s, the BIGGER THE BETTER; that’s a given. While brands might be up for discussion, the main factor as we all know in choosing a television is picture quality and sound. While some popular brands might be common such as Samsung and LG, there are many other cheaper brands such as TCL and Changhong that gives these brands a run for their money.


Black Artery Studios


The Black Artery company has its roots in Brooklyn, New York, the heart of New York City. It consists of a team of culturally diverse artists who craved a platform and voice for creative individuals of color to showcase and promote various art forms under one umbrella. Their goal is to cross promote and network within the community to build a better establishment for lesser known and aspiring creatives. Black Artery houses numerous factions of artistic business ranging from graphic design, illustration, photography, animation and several other forms of visual art. They strive to connect and build as a team while giving back to future generations of artists.


Black Artery Mascot “Baby Gatz”

Check out their site here.

The Mancave: Part 1

Man cave: “A room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a household”

man cave

Building The Perfect Man Cave…

So, now that we’ve got the definition out of the way, let’s talk about designing. How do you style the perfect space that represents everything manly? First step: color. Color sets the tone for any room, so think of colors that represent what mood you want to convey. Try staying away from bright colors. Although they may be more inviting, they can also be very intimidating to the average man. So with that being said, neutral and earth tone colors such as dark blues, reds, browns, greens or beige are always the way to go, as these colors are more relaxing and calming. Imagine coming home after a long day of work and walking into a dimly lit room, putting your feet up and having an ice cold beer or drink.  It gets the job done every time.

Here are a few examples of some well designed man caves…

man cave3man cave4man cave5

Here are a few sample swatch colors by Benjamin Moore that would be perfect in a manly space…


Stay tuned to Men’s Life Styl’d for Part 2 of the “Mancave”.