So, what is it about Men’s Life Styl’d? Men’s Life Styl’d was established in 2018 – a collaboration of the creative minds of Andrew “Drew Sketch” Norman and Michael “Mich Le” Williamson. Our mission is to be a complete “go-to” guide, providing men with a dynamic perspective on all things fashion, entertainment, travel, art, health, technology, gaming, and news. It is important for us to always keep our site content current, relatable, and an easy read. Every day, men search the web browsing different sites just to come up short on what they are looking for. We strive to bring you all you need in one place. Here at MLS, we don’t only bring you the information, but live it. We are still actively performing consulting work in the fields of graphic design, technology, lifestyle, and health. In addition, we have extensive experience in every site topic that we write about. So, sit back – you are in good hands.

Drew Sketch

Drew Sketch, an artist and graphic designer, made his start in college finding solace in his pen and digital platforms. He gained a profound interest in art throughout his years ranging from fashion, animation, digital design, and gaming. Having studied all at one point or another, Sketch demonstrated an eclectic perspective on each topic and an in depth knowledge that substantiated his expertise. Not only did Sketch gain a passion for the arts, but having faced adversity in his younger years, also created in him a love for fitness and healthy eating. In his spare time he enjoys both cooking and trying new recipes as well as working out. In addition to such, technology continues to be at the forefront of his studies; and he believes that the emergence of new technologies peak intellect of the mind and to master them takes great skill and patience. His convergence with Mich Le was inevitable as they had befriended one another with the initial intention of beginning a clothing line, but decided to create a lifestyle blog that combines their talents before doing so. Sketch says that, “Men’s Lifestyl’d is not just a blog, but a movement towards what it means to be a man in the 21’st century”.

Mich Le

Mich Le was born and raised in Delaware, just outside of Philadelphia, PA – The City of Brotherly Love. Although he has a MBA and a B.S. in Marketing and Public Relations, he is still pursuing his Master’s in this thing called life. Having grown up near one of the most cultured, artistic, and creative cities in the US, his love of all things art, entertainment, and fashion were cultivated at an early age after his first trip to Philadelphia. He has been to countless art exhibits, Broadway shows, performances, and events. He has also worked as a stylist in the fashion industry and is an avid traveler. As a fashion stylist, he has styled models, socialites, and all in between. As a self-proclaimed “world explorer”, he has traveled to dozens of countries across the globe. His insight and perspectives are shaped by the diverse and dynamic cultures he’s been exposed to throughout his journey – a journey that he wants to take you on through Men’s Life Styl’d.


Men’s Life Styl’d