Fashion House Coach Goes Dark With Disney X Coach Collection

Fashion House Coach has teamed up with Disney to create a limited-edition line called Disney x Coach “A Dark Fairy Tale.”  When you think of Disney, you think of the iconic big-eared mouse.  This collection is a great deviation from that thought.  Just imagine if your favorite Disney character was a corpse when they saw their reflection in the mirror.  That is what the latest collaboration between the Magic Kingdom and legendary house of style encompasses.  I really like the line.  Many of the items sold out within a week or so of release – including the shoes that I wanted.  Don’t feel sorry for me though; I stalked the site and finally found a pair, and they were sold out again.

I think that the collaboration is successful in marrying a fashion line that hasn’t been known for its edginess, with a bit of a darker twist.  In doing so, there was a risk to both Disney’s character (no pun intended) and the label’s.  Although, Coach has really evolved within recent years, bringing items that are trendy, while keeping much of what made them a successful brand in the first place.  While it is blatantly obvious that their target market is millennials, their new direction was much needed and allowed for the company to emerge from the obscurity that it experienced for a time-period.

Checkout some of pieces of the line below.  Links are under them items.



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