Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 4, the sequel to DMC 3 was originally released in January of 2008. The story follows both main characters, Nero, a teen who possesses demonic abilities and has vowed to stop the series main lead Dante, the son of Sparta who has assasinated demons from the Order of the Sword. DMC 4 is the second in the series to place control on two characters at the same time, or better yet multiple times throughout the series. The title follows the similar adventure-styled hack and slash as the other previous titles as players possess a myriad of different firearms and swords. When initially released, it was the first entry in the series to have been placed onto multiple consoles consecutively. Although met with positive reviews and praise like DMC 1 & 3 before it, DMC 4 was especially favored due to its challenging difficulty and special moves. In addition, the playable Nero proved to be a fan favorite amongst many. Dante has four different play styles players can use which can add both a complexity and uniqueness to the game. Mixing and matching between styles proves to be fun and the customization element is abstract. Nero however possesses abilities that are more fluid than Dante. Nero carries a bit more speed, style and grace in comparison. Each character has their benefits, it just depends on what you like as the player.

This remastered edition released in mid 2015 not only carries Dante and Nero as playable characters, but also Trish (Dante’s mother), Vergil (Dante’s brother) and Lady a gun toting woman who is Arkham’s daughter from DMC3. It also adds a new special game mode called Legendary Dark Knight which creates an overwhelming amount of enemies on each stage. Japanese and English voice tracks are also included with improved special effects and textures. In all, the game looks cleaner in presence and is still an enjoyable series to own.

Here is a stream of DMC4: Special Edition. Check out the video below.


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