The Locker Room: Tip 2

When You Should Bulk Up and When You Should Cut…


This topic may be a no brainer to some, but for others it could prove challenging. There is a long standing history with the question of when one should “bulk up” and when one should “cut”. The perfect bulking season is during the Winter and Fall seasons. The reason why is because it is cooler outside and many family gathering holidays become present. This means that we are going to bundle up and of course eat more. With all the extra intake of food, training should be more intense to compensate. This could mean heightening your training level through increased weights or just increasing your reps, anything to get that major pump going. This is also the perfect time to set your supplement cycle, retrieving products that will help build muscle mass and regeneration. As far as cutting, this should occur in the hotter season, specifically Summer and Spring. This is the time in which we wear less clothing and the heat tends to make us perspire. With that being said, taking advantage of this in the gym is your best benefit. One should begin a fierce cardio regiment, while not losing sight of the gains attained in the cooler seasons. So cardio is important as well as weight training, but weight training should be lighter with more reps. You could also stack on cutting supplements.


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