Netflix Original: The Santa Clarita Diet


If you are into comedy and flesh eating zombie then this show is definitely up your alley. The Santa Clarita Diet is a morbidly hilarious show which pairs the acting talents of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. Joel Hammond (Timothy) and Sheila Hammond (Drew) play a husband and wife real estate agent duo who live in the Santa Clarita Valley in Southern California. Sheila, an organized, but boring wife goes about her normal routine with her caring yet timid husband Joel as they attempt to sell a property to a couple who cannot seem to make up their mind. In a rouse to make the sale Sheila begins to throw up literally everything in her system onto the new plush floors of the upstairs bedroom. In an awkward moment of silence she informs the couple that she is “sick” and runs to the bathroom. Later, she learns from the geeky son of her neighbor that she has supposedly died. In a moment of disbelief everyone begins to act different towards her except for their smart mouthed, but strong willed daughter who continues to dish out the same level of disrespect she always has. Sheila of course has the biggest change. She is no longer, monotonous to life, but now delves into her urges while living care free and of course feeding on random strangers when an intense hunger arises. The show adds different levels of humor ranging from how Sheila makes a complete transformation into a flesh eating zombie while trying to maintain her status as a mom, wife and friend to her gossipy neighbors, how Joel must break out of his timid demeanor and become an accomplice in his wife’s blood thirsty stints and how their daughter copes with everything while still trying to be a teenager.

If you have not seen the Santa Clarita diet yet, you should. This Netflix original is a great watch. Both seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix now and season 3 will be coming soon…


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