Facebook Decides to do Some Spring Cleaning


Let’s face it…. Facebook is getting extremely buy nowadays. People are constantly making accounts on the social media network to connect with loved ones, communicate with friends and to strive to be the most popular person online. However, with so much traffic, FB is in a constant state of deletion. How many times have you seen a fake account, or a message that was considered spam and even accounts that people set up and never use. Because all of this is an issue, the social network has decidedly done some spring cleaning. For the first time, they released their Community Standards Enforcement Report which details how many fake accounts its taken down in the first quarter of 2018. The numbers were indeed staggering; a whopping 583 million fake accounts were removed during the first three months of this year alone, most of which were blocked within minutes of registering. This equates to an average of over 6.5 million attempts to create fake accounts from the beginning of January to the end of March.

These numbers are a bit scary. Knowing that so many people are out there creating these fake accounts make you wonder what the motives are and if Facebook is ever going to be 100% secure. Although hacking has become a constant in our present day with the advent of enhanced technologies, Facebook, as a number one social network needs to be properly prepared to deal with such. Although they deleted so many accounts already, what’s to say about those few million that have slipped through the cracks. And these few million could still have malicious intentions in harming the system. Not to mention Facebook has already been dealing with the increased pressure from lawmakers about how powerful a network it has become. It has also dealt with disinformation campaigns from Russian trolls and data scandal involving almost 100 million individuals. Although FB believes it is prepared with its AI in blocking these fake accounts, AI is not always reliable. Combating such issues will only get tougher as technology continues to expand and become more complex.


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