Explosive Shoulder Workout


Our shoulder muscles are of course not the biggest muscles on our body, but that does not mean that you should not go the extra mile when working them out. Our shoulders are an important part of our body, considered as a major joint. Unbeknownst to most, the shoulder allows a lot of movement in our body to take place, but this tremendous range of motion also allows it to be the most susceptible to injury. So it is also important to recognize your limits when working this muscle. Because I never like to devote a whole day to just one body part I usually include some back training with the shoulder workouts. Here is a shoulder workout that is guaranteed to deliver some effective results.

The first circuit:

  1. The first circuit will start with a series of three sets of dumbbells. Grab dumbbells that are increasing in weight. (For example: a set of 30lb bells, a set of 40lb bells and a set of 50lb bells). Set these down in front of your chair. Choose weights appropriate for you and weight that you can push yourself to lift without too much strain.
  2. Next grab an Olympic bar and place around 20 – 25lbs on each side and also set that near your chair.
  3. Take a seat and grab the lowest weighted dumbbells and do at least 15 reps of shoulder press with the first. Then grab the next highest weight and do 15 reps of those and then the last set of weights and do 15 sets of those.
  4. After doing such lift the Olympic bar and do a shoulder press to lift up and down to your chest, not your back! Complete 15 reps of this.
  5. Repeat this entire process 3-4 times before moving on.

The second circuit:

  1. The second circuit will begin with grabbing a bench. Place the Olympic bar with an additional 5 – 10lbs onto the bench. Then grab 30lb dumbbells and set them down at the front of the bench. Grab 25lb dumbbells and set those down on the other end.
  2. Start at the 30lb dumbbells and sit down while doing fly’s. Lift the dumbbells from your sides while hunched over in the seat. Stretch as far as possible with arms extended all the way out bringing the weights between your legs when coming down and extending out again. Complete this 10-15 times.
  3. Immediately after lift the Olympic bar above your head and onto your shoulders completing a shoulder press 10 – 15 times with the bar touching the top of your shoulder every time you come back down.
  4. After doing this immediately afterwards lift the 25lbs to the front of you with the weights touching every time you bring them up with your arms extending as straight as you can get them. Do this 10 – 15 times as well.
  5. Follow up by crossing the weight in your right arm to the front of you and extending to your left side and then doing the opposite with your right arm. Do this 10 – 15 times with EACH arm.
  6. Repeat this entire process 3 -4 times before moving on.

The third circuit:

  1. Now we will throw a back circuit in the mix. Set up a 45lb plate on the hyper extension machine. A 45lb plate or two on the T-bar row machine and a 45lb plate on the Olympic bar for deadlifting.
  2. Begin with the hyperextension by placing your legs straight on the platform and bending over to grab the plate. Lift your body and the plate up with the plate against your chest and while bending down touch the plate against the floor, flat side. Repeat this 10 -15 times.
  3. Next use the T-Bar row. Bend over at the hips until your torso is about 45-degree angle to the floor (or on the platform if you are using the machine). Pull the bar up with both hands while keeping your back in its natural arch. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the bar until the plates touch your chest.
  4. After this begin the deadlift. Stand in front of the bar with legs spread apart. Bend over with your back arched and clutch the bar with arms parted at the side of your legs. Pull up straight and bend back slightly then come down slowly. Repeat this process for at least 10 – 15 reps.
  5. Repeat the entire circuit 3 – 4 times.

The fourth circuit:

  1. Adjust a bench so that it is slanted at about a 45 degree angle. Grab a light short bar (maybe 30 – 40lbs) and lay with your stomach pressed against the bench while lifting the bar with both hands in front of you. Make sure your arms are as straight as you can get them. Repeat rep 10 – 15 times.
  2. Follow this workout with your choice of any two shoulder workouts or if you want throw a back exercise into it.
  3. Repeat this 3 – 4 times and you are done!

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