Where are My Party People at? Top Party Cities in the US.

No, really, where are the party people at?

Personally, when I visit places for extended periods, it is normally somewhere relaxing and toned-down, with the option to go out for a night out on the town.  In fact, once I get to my hotel, the first thing on my agenda is a nap!  And yes, I am a millennial – sighs.  I have a friend that I travel with, and he is the complete opposite.  Immediately after landing, he wants to get a drink, head to the bar, and find out about the hottest clubs around.

Well, if you aren’t the former, like me, but the latter, like my friend, we’ve found the top cities in the US for you to party.  The US cities listed have ranked at the top, consistently, when it comes to their party, bar, and nightlife industry, and have even won many awards.

Vegas, Baby! Las Vegas

Las Vegas Nighlife2

Of course, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!  Las Vegas has more to offer than just casinos.  They have a great nightlife as well.  Past awards for the nightclub and bar industry in the “hush” city include Beer Bar of the Year, Sports Bar of the Year, Quintessential Artist Lineup of the Year,  New Concept of the Year, and Unrivaled Panoramic Strip Spectacle of the Year.

Chi-Town!  Chicago

Chicago nightlife3.PNG

Chicago, Illinois, unfortunately, has been known for its high crime rate, which has seen improvement in recent years.  However, The Windy City also has a great party scene. Past awards for Chi-Town’s industry include Beer Bar of the Year, Best of Big Six (six different big cities), and Lounge of the Year.

I’m in Miami, Bitch!  Miami

Miami Nightlife3

Beautiful beaches, beautiful sunshine, and beautiful people; what more do you need to visit Miami, FL?  Cocktail Bar of the Year, Dance Club of the Year, Hotel Bar of the Year, and LGBTQ Venue of the year are all past awards given to Miami’s heated up party industry.

New York State of Mind!  New York


The Big Apple is a melting pot when it comes to diversity.  It also is a must visit state due to its popular places, landmarks, and monuments such as Broadway, Times Squares, the Statue of Liberty, and 9/11 memorial.  However, you can also find a great nightlife.  Past awards include Speakeasy of the Year, Bartender of the Year, and Cocktail Bar of the Year.

The Bay! San Francisco

San Francisco Nightlife2

Three things come to mind when you mention San Francisco:  The San Francisco Bridge, trolleys, and the steep winding roads; honorable mention:  Full House (TV show).  San Fran’ is also known for its great LGBTQ scene.  This California city has received more awards for their bar and nightclub industry than the City of Angles – Los Angeles. Past industry awards include Cocktail Bar of the Year, Bartender of the Year, and Dance Club of the Year.

HotLanta!  Atlanta

Atlanta Nightlife.jpg

Georgia’s capital city is known for its heated days, but heated nights are also a thing in Atlanta.  Atlanta’s party industry has received numerous awards including Speakeasy of the Year, Beer Bar of the Year, and Dive Bar of the year.  Eat a peach and head to a party while you’re in The A!


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