#MeToo: Studies Show Divide in Opinions

me too2.png

The #MeToo movement has become an unstoppable and much needed movement within the past couple of years.  With accusations against such large names as Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby, even more attention is being garnered and rightfully so.  Sexual harassment is absolutely unacceptable – no matter how big the name is.  However, as the attention grows, viewpoints from both men and woman are being studied, and the differences in views were quite distinct.

A recent poll from CNN was taken in regards to how important the subject of sexual harassment was in male and female voters for any upcoming elections. The poll results showed that 52 percent of men viewed sexual harassment as very important in their vote, while 63 percent of woman believe that sexual harassment is extremely important in the candidate that they vote for.  The reports of sexual harassment has also grown within the last year.  The study revealed that one in three woman have come forth with a sexual harassment complaint within the last year.

In another study, men and women were given a list of actions and asked to determine which ones constitute sexual harassment.  The actions included a wide range of things from flirting to actual groping.  Within all of the actions, men were less likely than women to rate any items on the list as sexual harassment, while 20 percent of woman found most of the items on the list as sexual harassment.

Ultimately, there will always be people who consider certain acts as harassment more than others.  The bottom line is that if someone says no, you’re making me uncomfortable, or just plain stop, that is more than enough for someone to take a hint and walk away.  There are no exceptions.

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