8 Google Reveals


Google recently held a developer conference in which major new developments and improvements to current technology are discussed. This year executives graced the stage at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California and introduced changes in Android, Google Assistant, Maps, Photos and other AI.

Some of the major highlights are listed below:

Gmail can now AutoComplete entire emails!


Now this is impressive. Through a new feature called Smart Compose the user will keep hitting the tab button and Google will automatically complete your message. I was surprised at this as it demonstrates the capability of Google’s intuitive nature. It will analyze how you have been responding to emails in the past as well as the type of people who you have been responding to as well as evaluating your email patterns. This feature could save many people time wasted throughout the day when having to respond to multiple emails. In fact, any one could test out the featue right now!

Google Photos feature will Share Photos w/ Friends in the Photo


Another interesting development is the Suggested Actions feature. This feature can easily spot friends in your photos and offer to share those photos with those people at the press of a button. For those that are photo buffs or social media addicts, this could be a great addition to devices. Friends can easily attain photos that they are in and then quickly share the photo with others.

Google Photos Improvement


Further additions were added to Google Photos. One of them is the ability to convert the photo document into a PDF. Another addition is being able to remove color from photos which sounds familiar, but you can also remove color in specific areas. You are also capable of re-colorizing black and white or any older photos to reinvigorate the image. These features will automatically convert the simple Google Photos application to a more powerful image editing application.

Google Assistant Upgrades!


Google Assistant has indeed been a success for the company. It has become just as popular, if not more popular than its counterparts; Siri, Cortana and Alexa. However, the assistant lacked something in comparison to those devices; a natural feel. But this will change as CEO Sundar Pichai said the new voice Google Assistant will be modeled after is none other than R&B star John Legend. This is exciting to hear as many are fans of his because of his soothing vocal. The change to Assistant will however be coming later this year.

In addition to sounding more natural, Google Assistant has also become much smarter. A new feature called Continued Conversation will get the conversation going instead of having to say “Okay Google” every time. With Continued Conversations you could ask as many questions as you’d like and Assistant will recall past answers.

Google Releases New Android


Android P, Google’s new Android will focus on “digital well-being”. Something that many people need to do is not be so focused on technology especially when around family and friends. Technology has undoubtedly created a society in which we prefer to communicate through digital means. However, Android P will help you spend less time on your phone and more time with loved ones. The new technology will give you information about how you use your phone and even create controls to limit screen time.

In addition, the Android P is paving the innovative road for the future of mobile devices. They are developing the phone without buttons so that emphasizing gestures in reception of responses will be the new norm. Android P will also enable a “shush mode” so that when your phone is facedown on a table, it will automatically activate the “do not disturb” feature.

Google Subscribe

Logging in and viewing multiple publications has never been so easy with Google’s new Subscribe feature. If you have subscribed to multiple publications like newspapers and online magazines it will let you access all your paid content anywhere.

Improved Google Maps


A very interesting new technology has been designed for Google Maps. The new technology will let you use your own phone’s camera to navigate around town using Street View. If you waved your phone in front of you, you’d see the Street View version of what you’re seeing. If you needed directions, giant arrows or even animated characters you could easily be pointed where to go next.

Google Lens Upgrades


An interesting new feature for Google Lens has been developed. If you point your phone’s camera at an excerpt in a book, you can easily highlight the text with your finger and copy it to your phone. This can be useful for those who have favorite books and favorite sections in each book, and even for students who use certain books for studying. No matter the use this is a pretty cool feature.

In addition, Google Lens will also include a feature called Style Match. Pointing the phones camera at an outfit will activate the object-recognition and machine-learning features for buying that item online as well as displaying similar styles to your liking.



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