BlazBlue: Central Fiction Review


BlazBlue, developed by Arc System Works, is a single/multiplayer 2D fighting game. It is the fourth installment in the BlazBlue series and takes place after BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. Fans would be excited to learn that all characters from the previous title return in Central Fiction which makes a total of 36 playable characters. Characters include Kagura’s assistant Hibiki Kohaku, the main protagonist of Bloodedge Experience Naoto Kurogane, Nine the Phantom and Hades Izanami one of the main villains of the BlazBlue universe. Although gameplay is generally the same as compared to the previous titles, there are a few changes and a few added mechanics to Central Fiction. One example is the the Overdrive activation’s duration which is now displayed under the burst gauge which takes the shape of a countdown timer. The picture of the character near the health bar is now active as it shakes when taking damage. Additional mechanics include the Exceed Accel which is a special type of Distortion Drive which is executed at the same input as the Overdrive activation and once successful in execution the background shatters. The move will deal a great amount of damage, but quickly eliminates the Overdrive. Another mechanic is the Active Flow which acts as the opposite of Negative Penalty status. Offensive fighters will be placed into Active Flow and this will create a advantage for characters by instilling heavy boosts of damage and recovery of the burst gauge. After engaging Active Flow the characters emblem will switch from normal color to a purplish-pink. The color will also display when close to being in Active Flow.


The game has received much praise for its playing style and characters. It is a classic example of how 2D players are still popularized in such an advanced gaming society. Gameplay is reminiscent of many famous 2D titles such as Guilty Gear and Fatal Fury, but adds a unique flare of its own with distinct gauges and special abilities as well as uniquely crafted characters. It does not feel limited like other 2D fighters as you are able to sweep other characters off the ground with devastating moves and perform limitless combinations by performing the right types of moves. The anime-ish design of the characters mixed with the realistic background displays is a staple in the Arc game design and continues to be a blend that is greatly appreciated. Upon continuous play throughs of Central Fiction, I felt an immediate connection to the previous titles, not to mention being so impressed by the new additions that it became addictive. It is recommended that gamers buy this title which can be purchased here.

Check out some of the videos from Central Fiction below…

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