Swipe Right: The Type of Guys that Women Really are Attracted to.

Recently, a male model from London by the name of Ben Southerst decided to conduct an experiment on the dating app Tinder.  He wanted to get a sense of what physical features women really were attracted to.  In his experiment, Southerst created five different profiles on the dating app. In each picture, he edited his photos, varying different features of his physical appearance.

His first upload was a real photo of himself, without alteration, which is a full head of hair and goatee.

Other pictures that were edited and uploaded were:

·       Full head of hair and clean shave

·       Full head of hair and stubble

·       Thinning hairline, mostly bald on top

·       Receding hairline

The results were not so surprising. He received 120 matches for his picture with a full head of hair and clean facial shave and 85 matches for the full head of hair and full beard goatee. For his pictures with the thinning hair, reminiscent of Prince William who is only 35 years old, Southerst received only three matches.  Yikes! He found that the variations with a receding hairline just did not fly with woman. I guess the old wearing a hat in your picture trick will have to do for now.

Ben full beard


Ben clean shave

Full Head of Hair – Clean Shave

Ben beard

Full Head of Hair – Stuble

Ben hair receding more

Thinning Hair – Mostly Bald

Ben hair receding

Receding Hairline



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