Music Artist Spotlight: Mook Dollas


A Brooklyn, New York native born in 1988, Mook was raised by a single mother who loved R&B soul while all his childhood friends were hardcore Hip-Hop fans. As Mook progressed through school he took up a particular type of music in the form of instruments. Mook favored Trumpet, Baritones, Tubas and other strong instruments that increased his harmonic and melodic aptitude in music. Having been somewhat of a protege on these, he also took up external activities which heightened his skills. During this time, Mook also began to write his own lyrics and rap them. Because he was exposed to so much music forms and sounds he was considered a natural talent. Influences in his songs were extracted from his favorite rapper Ludacris, especially from the Southern artists’ album “Back for the First Time”. In 2011, Mook took it upon himself to seal his future as a Hip Hop musician by developing his own home studio and recording feverishly. He has produced several successful mixtapes which each display his progression as an artist and a raw talent that is matchless in comparison to others.

Mook’s latest project, “Do the Right Thing, Mook”, is loosely based off of the famous Spike Lee film and his life. If you want to check out his work click the links and videos below.


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