What a Royal Casket Looks Like

The Queen of Denmark, Queen Margrethe II, is still alive, but she has a remarkable tomb waiting for her arrival. A Danish artist by the name of Bjorn Norgaard has designed a tomb on the queen’s behalf, and it is truly fit for royalty. Quite literally, it is a piece of art. The artist and creator of the tomb used resources from territories of Denmark only. The tomb itself is made entirely of glass and has Danish royal symbols on it with three pillars supporting it, made from Danish granite and marble. On top of it all, it even has pictures of the queen and her deceased husband etched in it.

Although the tomb is actual artistry, it will not be displayed in any museum anytime soon. While there are pictures online, an exhibition of the tomb will not be open to the general public until the queen is actually dead. However, a replica can be seen on display starting in June 2018, at the church that the queen’s body will be buried at, after her death.

Queen Tomb

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