Avengers: Infinity War Review



After watching Avengers: Infinity War I am both thrilled and disappointed at the same time. First of all, the movie was superb in its presence. There was literally action in every scene; never a dull moment where a person would normally fall asleep in the theater as I do sometimes lol. I actually could not keep my eyes off the screen for too long fearing that I would miss an important part of the fight. All the heroes from the previous movies make their return as well as heroes from different movies who are all now teamed up against a common enemy, Thanos. Thanos is of course all powered, mostly due to the Infinity gauntlet and the stones that he is collecting throughout the movie to basically control EVERYTHING. His resolve, although cynical is misunderstood by many and perceived to be acts that institute him as a villain. However, he believes that what he is doing is for the good of everyone and will stop at nothing to fulfill his purpose; even to the point of sacrificing those he loves. Again these are not the actions of a being that is evil, but a being that believes his way is the only way to make things right, albeit misunderstood. His pursuit brings him in contact with the six Infinity Gems which include the Mind Gem, the Soul Gem, the Space Gem, the Power Gem, the Time Gem and the Reality Gem. Each gem represents an unlimited source of power for the thing it represents. It just so happens that some of the heroes wield these gems which makes them immediate targets for Thanos and his children. However, this is one aspect that was slightly disappointing about the film. Although Thanos wielded the gems, he hardly enacted the untapped potential that they could portray. By being able to control space, time and reality or even mind, there was plenty of things he could have done differently to end things rather quickly (but of course the movie must be prolonged for 2 hours right?).

Of course none of the fighting scenes disappointed viewers, from street battle with Scarlet Witch and Supergiant, to the space battle with Ebony Maw and Dr. Strange to the all out war break out in Wakanda. There was never a dull moment. Although I was brought back to the show “Heroes”, where there is constantly scenes going on between random heroes and the show keeps shifting between each scene which was sometimes confusing and frustrating. In my opinion, the shifts worked in moderation, because unlike “Heroes” each scene served a significant purpose and each scene’s duration lasted for a suitable amount of time; enough to explain what is going on and to display enough action to satisfy the audience.

I was nonetheless, a bit upset on the manner in which the movie ended. It was a definite sour note, but also a surprising note for Marvel films. Marvel films always display postive endings in which the good guys succeed in their mission to rid the world of their “villain”. This is the first time I witnessed the opposite of that happening which was both saddening and refreshing at the same time. Having read the comics of Infinity War and knowing the importance of roles carried by both Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock, I realize the ending was a definite opening for a sequel. Adam Warlock is an integral part of the Infinity War storyline and has already made a small appearance in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It is possible that he will make his entrance in the sequel that will make its way to theaters in 2019.

Check out trailers below…

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