Are Guys Really That Immature?

Well, according to a recent study, we just may be when it comes to humor. A study was conducted with 821 participants, both male and female, on Amazon’s online survey website. The participants were asked to rate 200 words and score them from low to high on how funny they thought they were. The participants were advised to score them on their immediate reaction to the word; no second guessing.

What are some of the words that men rank the funniest? Well, guys thought bondage, orgy, and corn were amongst the funniest words, according to the survey. Other high ranking words included raccoon, birthmark, and chauffer – yeah, pretty random. I am laughing at those words myself, so maybe we are really that immature in our humor! One other thing to note is that guys tend use humorous words to compete with each other to impress woman; something else not so surprising.

girl rolling eyes 1

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