Male Birth Control? There’s a Pill for That!

Well, guys, you can no longer make excuses about having fathered a child. Nor can the “I had a condom on” excuse be used. There is now a pill for that! Scientist have successfully tested a male birth control pill. The drug is EP055. So far, it has only been tested on monkeys, but has proven effective – without hormonal side effects. There have been advances in medicine for male birth control in the past, but they all had side effects, with some causing hormonal changes in men.

The pleasure pill works by targeting protein on the surface of sperm. This then limits the sperm’s ability to move, decreasing their chances of making their way to fertilize any eggs. In addition, the effects of the pill have been found to be reversible, so if it is stopped, the ability to procreate will remain. If you are not feeling a pill, there is always the big “nip tuck”, otherwise known as a vasectomy. The testing is still in the preliminary stages. More testing needs to be performed before it is released for human use. The drug may not be available any time soon, but it is coming.

Male birth control2

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