Explosive Chest Workout

Some of the best workouts are those that are continuous; you build upon your muscle with barely any rest in between sets or in between different workouts. Many of us struggle to keep that pump that we see right after we work out and there are many methods that we can use; even methods that weightlifters and other athletic builds claim they refrain from using. However, I will provide some useful workout tips that anyone can use to build and retain their pump.


This month I will start with a chest workout:

  1. Warm-Up Bench Press – It is important to get your body acclimated to what is about to come so a light bench press is necessary. Advanced users may want to put on a little weight on the bar to start; about 25lb or 35lb on each side, but it is not necessary, you can do this part without weight if you want to. What is important is doing the full set of 60 reps in one shot, preferably without stopping.
  2. First Superset – After the warm-up comes the hard part; a whole slew of supersets of different chest workouts. This first superset starts with another BENCH PRESS; however, we will place 45lb -65lb on each side (25lb – 35lb for less advanced lifters). We will sit on the bench, but we will be on the other side so as to have your butt hanging off the seat. Basically, you will be lifting the opposite way, this teaches the lifter how to balance and control the weight without relying on the bar for support. This will be done in 10 -15 reps. Right after we will push back on the bench and do FLIES with dumbbells of your choosing. With the dumbbells extend your arms out (keep your arms straight) and bring them back up so the dumbbells touch one another. Also, this will be 10-15 reps. Right after this take TWO 45lb PLATES, align them perfectly and slip your hands through the openings on the side and lift those up 10-15 times. Immediately afterward attempt to knockout 30 PUSH-UPS. Repeat this entire superset 3 – 4 times.
  3. Second Superset – After the first set we will keep 45lb on the bar (lighter for less advanced lifters) and return to normal bench press position. Place hands on bar so that they are touching and lift for a CLOSE GRIP PRESS. Do this 10 – 15 times and immediately switch to a REVERSE GRIP PRESS in which your fingers are facing you instead of the other way. Keep arms chest length away from one another and lift 10 – 15 times. Immediately after this you will perform a WIDE GRIP PRESS. Place hands as close to the end of the bar as you can and lift 10-15 times. Repeat this superset at least 3-4 times.
  4. Third Superset – After the second set is complete grab an adjustable bench and set it at an incline. Grab a reasonable set of weights and do INCLINE PRESSES with the dumbbells. Do this 10-15 times. Once done DO NOT DROP WEIGHT, but press 5 more times coming up very slowly. Once done I usually use a partner for this, but you can do this near a wall if need be. We will do PUSH-UPS with claps. So you will push yourself up and clap with your left hand either with someone or hitting a wall, go down then push back up and clap with your right hand. Do this about 20 times. Grab a lighter set of dumbbells and lift them together in front of you with arms out about 10-15 times. Repeat this set 3-4 times.
  5. Fourth & Final Set – The last set consists of 3 sets of 10- 15 DECLINE PRESSES. After this is 3 sets of 10-15 DIPS.

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