What We Know About American Horror Story Season 8!


We were all left on the edge of our seats after the twisted ending AHS Season 7: Cult. I have undoubtedly watched all seasons at least twice and continue to be hooked to the show as every episode leaves you wanting more. Seasons are too short in my opinion, but its good to end something good instead of watering it down with confusing, nonsensical additives like many other shows that have gone on for way too long. I like that each season is different and yet some of them tie into others with minor details. I actually wouldn’t mind another season of Coven  or even Hotel lol. But I guess thats a longshot. Noneltheless, the show deserves praise for its originality and inventiveness. And although it feels like the last season just ended, AHS Season 8 is underway as stated by the shows director Ryan Murphy. Never fully revealing his concepts for any of his seasons, Murphy always seems to be good at deception, small leaks of information at a time gets his audiences very anxious. However, there are a few things that we know so far about the next season:

It is said to be set in the future “18 months from last week”

Murphy tells his audiences on April 6, 2018 that the season was set “18 months from today” (Oct. 6, 2019) according to the Hollywood Reporter. Other statements taken from Murphy revealed him saying 10 -20 years in the future, but again deceit and secrecy for AHS is his motive most times. Although if truthful this could mean…

The theme may be Nuclear War

It would not be surprising that Murphy is building off the current issues across the globe due to the recent chemical weapon attack in Syria. In addition to this, October 6th would follow the 58th anniversary of the day US President JFK told Americans to prepare for war by building nuclear bomb shelters. Both of these statements could allude to the setting of a not-so-distant, possibly dystopian future that could place America into a war. And because this war deals with nuclear weaponry…

It is possible the next installment could be labeled “American Horror Story: Radioactive”

Murphy, of course, will not confirm if such speculation is true. However this would be cool to have such a setting especially if it is a dystopia. I did like the last season however it was different in comparison to the rooted idea of AHS; cult was too real, touching on topics that were too present. AHS is usually more creative and more abstract and I think a nuclear or dystopian theme could bring the show back to its original premise.

The show also includes the usual cast and some newcomers

Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates will make a return as headliners along with recent recurring actors such as Cheyenne Jackson, Leslie Grossman and Adina Porter. Newcomers Joan Collins will be a lead for the season and possibly Angelica Houston.

Leads Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will also be directing a few episodes and production will begin this summer


Stay tuned for more information

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