Technology Review (4/18)



Dell XPS 13

Dell’s most popular line of laptop computers is about to be redesigned. The new line is said to be thinner and lighter than the original versions. The new line will also feature new crystalline silica material with white color woven in like fabric in nine composite layers.


Smart Speakers

Competition for Amazon’s Echo has finally arisen from Google. Google plans on bringing the smart speaker to the market called the Google Home Max, which is a larger version of the $129 Google Home Speaker. Max is pricey at $399, but buyers will get their money’s worth. Max is made up of dual 4.5-inch woofers and smart sound which employs machine learning to adjust the equalizer settings to match the acoustic in the room it is in. It is also built with voice activated Google Assistant. It is also compatible with services like YouTube Music and Spotify and can stream over WiFi or Bluetooth.


Galaxy A8

One of the best phones to hit the market in 2018 is the Samsung Galaxy A8 model. This sleek new model already feels more comfortable with a more distinctive grip than its other model the Galaxy S8. This less pricey Galaxy phone has what looks like a bigger screen then the S8 because its lacks the screen curves. The camera and the fingerprint sensor are strategically places in a vertical layout on the back of the phone for ease of use and feasibility. It is ultimately a compact phone that is secure in the user’s hands while also adhering to the new cutting edge designs in mobile devices. The A8 devices run on an Exynos 7885 octa-core processor paired with 4GB of RAM. The AMOLED panel offers a resolution of 1080×2220 pixels and provides 2 more hours of charge than the S8 for an average of 26 hours of battery life. The A8 is an overall impressive device… check it out.


Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most impressive vehicles on the market as of late. It has been so anticipated by buyers that pre-order numbers reached a whopping 400,000 with no other automobile maker pulling off such a remarkable feat. However, the Tesla Model is not being praised here for performance, but for its use of cutting edge technology. This car is one of the most popular electric cars to date and has already created an iPhone-level buzz about its release. Accident prevention technologies are hard-wired into the interior as well as the latest connectivity ports for audio devices. Some believe that eventually the vehicle will be built with sensors and computing power needed to drive itself. Wouldn’t that be something!


Magic Leap One

Magic Leap is one of the most interesting technologies of 2018. It employs wearable devices that are meant to augment or develop mixed realities for the wearer. Magic Leap One includes both the augmented reality headset seen above and the website seen below to allow non-technical creators to build their own applications, content and experiences. Do not get this confused with three dimensional applications however, as this augmented version allows users to tie the 3D world to real spaces. You can decorate spaces with items that will stay placed after u leave and even play games that interact with elements of the same physical space. Magic Leap is still a complex platform that will introduce elements completely new into the consumer market. They have even paired with Madefire to add comical depth to their platform for a more creative experience.

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