New Game Release: Undernight: In-Birth


Undernight Cover

Undernight: In Birth is a new 2D game release from Ecole Software and French Bread, with fighting mechanics published by Arc System works and Akys Games. The game was developed for the Playstation 3,  Playstation 4, and Vita platforms. Undernight takes place in a realm called the Hollow Night which is overrun by shadowed creatures called Voids. Only certain individuals in the world have the skill to “perceive” such monsters, but in doing so, they are either consumed by them or suffer a loss of sanity.  Those who maintain their peace of mind after coming in contact with a Void become known as an In-Birth. Doing so positions the person into a state of limbo where they also acquire the skill to control existence.

Undernight is reminiscent of the title “Melty Blood” produced by the same company. It also shows some similarities to Arc System’s “BlazBlue” and “Guilty Gear”. The game features hand-drawn high-resolution spirits who are placed at the forefront of 3-dimensional backgrounds.

Check out one of my video streams below; a quick arcade run with the sword wielding, In-Birth Hyde.

Here is another video with me testing out Mika…

One last video of Linne…

You can purchase the game on PSN for $50 and in-store at $40 by clicking Here.

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