Monster Hunter: World


With its stunning scenery and impressive designs of dragons, weapons and armor, Monster Hunter World is by far best in the line of Monster Hunter genres. Although many of the elements from the previous games have stayed the same and many of the monsters from previous titles has been upgraded to look like newer versions, there is still an element of uniqueness to MHW. It can quickly become addictive when you are out on a hunt with other players searching for that particular item to upgrade your weapon or fulfilling a quest that unlocks a new item or even attempting to gather up a substantial amount of zenny so you can afford a more powerful armor set. MHW has for years had a strong presence within the Nintendo world with fans who continue to appreciate its deep crafting and distinct gameplay. There is a certain level of anticipation when delving into an investigation or optional mission with gigantic monsters who once engaged will dish out everything they’ve got to destroy you and your teammates. The long-drawn out battle sequences are often nerve-racking but thrilling in the same instant. The need to hunt, slay or capture the next ferocious creature is appealing and nonstop. It is especially present when fighting the worst of them all, the elder dragons.

Besides this Monster Hunter World is probably the most approachable game of its series and the easiest to understand and play; a game for both advanced and beginner players. The story begins with researchers and hunters who are entranced to learn more about strange and gigantic monsters who roam in unexplored parts of their fictional world. As a new hunter you are tasked with traveling to these parts to discover why the elder dragons have migrated. Usually 50 minutes or less is given for any hunt and you can choose between 14 weapons to wield and upgrade. The story is not all that great, but the game makes up for it with such impressive gameplay and dramatic sequences. You will easily find yourself playing this game for hours at a time as leveling up gear and weapons can easily take hundreds of hours. The hunt does not stop when the game ends so players will have more than enough to do after the story has concluded.

Check out a streamed Monster Hunter video below featuring gameplay on how to retrieve the Mega Man Palico gear…

Here is another of the Event to get the skin for Ryu…

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