Lamassu Statue Unveiled in London

A remarkable statue of a lamassu has recently been unveiled in London.  The sculpture was created by American Artist, Michael Rakowitz, and it is titled “The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist”.  Lamassu’s are a part of Assyrian culture, and they are depicted as having a human’s head, the body of a bull or lion, and the wings of a bird.  They are considered deities in the culture. They are large in stature and were normally positioned at the entrance of palace doorways as guards and protection from evil spirits.  In 2015, Islamic militants seized a museum in the Middle East, and destroyed an original statue, amongst many other artifacts, that date back to the eighth century B.C.

The new statue is a direct replication of the destroyed one, but with a very modern twist.  It is comprised of 10,500 flattened date syrup cans.  Although the original sculpture could never be replaced, faith in humanity remains.  For, being commissioned for such a large task and openly and willingly welcoming it does show that there is unity against violence.

It is an amazing recreation.  You can also find lamassu’s at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Lamassu statue

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