Introducing the iGuaneye Flip Flop

Flip flops that don’t actually flip or flop. What does that mean? This Spring/Summer season will introduce a new take on the traditional footwear. The iGuaneye Jungle flip flop is making its rounds into fashion and popular culture. The sandals are not flip flops at all. The design of the sandal is that it wraps around the big toe and heel to keep the sandal on the foot with a firm grip.

The Portuguese company that invented them, iGuaneye, stated that they got the inspiration from ancient Amazonians who wore such footwear that they made themselves. The company, however, was able to recreate the footwear through 3D printing. There are two versions: the Jungle Light and Jungle Lux. The latter being more expensive with a price tag of $100 compared to the Light costing about $70. With their growing popularity, more than likely, you’ll be seeing them around.

Get more details on how to get them by clicking on the pic below.



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