Game Review: God of War


Fans who have been immersed in the God of War series will be ecstatic to hear about the new and upcoming release “God of War”. The action-adventure game filled with dramatic and stunning sequences is set to release on April 20th, in a few days. We all recall the last time we were set in Kratos’ world, he was seemingly living the life of a battle-hungry, but wreckless God. A lush for fine wines, orgies and slaying of other Greek gods was a much desired urge. The gameplay was enamored with adrenaline-based sequences, where violence was the norm and finesse in movement wasn’t exactly his strong suit. However, with such ferocity and a drive to enact a kill, there lacked a certain sense of emotion behind the game; a piece of Kratos that ties into humanity.


This all changes in the new series as Kratos has something in his life that requires his approach to be softer and more heroic than savage; a son named Atreus. In the new “God of War” title, Kratos is a father who has undoubtedly aged, but from this growth has arisen in him a sense of calmness. Fatherhood has indeed reverted him into a protector and a teacher. And in carrying such a duty Kratos has relocated to the forests of the Norse realm of Midgard. In the game, we start off learning that his latest wife has died and been cremated. And so, the adventure commences by following her wish to be spread across the highest peak in the land. Whilst moving throughout the journey, you are constantly bombarded by waves of undead soldiers, elves and other creatures of myth. There is however, more finesse to battle this time around as Kratos moves more smoothly almost fluid. The fighting mechanics are just as enjoyable as the savage ways in previous titles. However, his actions are a direct reflection on his focus as a father.


And it is of no surprise that the environments are filled with complexity and a sense of secrecy. Hidden areas are well masked throughout the series similar to that of Nier and Zelda’s Breath of the Wild. It is encouraged that every player take in the breathtaking imagery the game provides as well as the information supplied by those you meet. The title is definitely different than its predecessors and this change adds a more aggregate feel to gameplay. If you have not pre-ordered the title yet, you should do it now…

Here are some videos of God of War…

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