The Locker Room: Tip 1


The Plateau

We all try to work as hard as we can in the gym, pushing ourselves to the limit and trying the best we can to sculpt our bodies into an image that we can be proud of when we look into the mirror. However, there comes a time in many of our training regiments where the route that we were taking, and was once effective, begins to falter. This is called the plateau stage, where nothing improves and nothing is lost, but you remain in a place where you are only maintaining.

For those that have reached such a place and would like to go further, there is a simple solution: change your routine. You cannot hope to achieve gains or other body sculpting methods by doing the same thing all the time.  You have to switch it up and get creative. As a matter of fact, you may only be working certain body parts without realizing that new exercises could target areas you’ve never worked before.

One way to learn new techniques is simply by watching other people in the gym and making a mental note of any exercises they may be doing that is different from yours.  Pay attention to the parts of their body that are being targeted in the process. Another method is through extensive research. Look up different body parts in comparison to those you want to improve on and find workouts that fit. There is also the option of watching videos and documentaries about working out. I personally prefer the old school videos such as “Pumping Iron” from Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the workouts are more traditional and hardcore. You can also attempt to create your own fresh routines with all of the knowledge acquired from the three previous methods. These are just simple ways to get past the plateau stage.

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