Shenmue 3: Finally!


After a 16 year long wait; Shenmue 2 being released in North America in 2002, they are finally in the process of creating the third installment in this action-adventure single player. The first two Shenmue titles were supposedly a commercial failure, however they gained a large cult following and gaines a series of positive reviews. Even Shenmue 2 was praised for being much better than its predecessor in which it addressed all the problems that the first game displayed. Improved movement and a more epic storyline heightened the second installment as well as taking its original console, the Dreamcast, to the brink of its capabilities as a system. Shenmue was undoubtedly not the best graphical displayed game, but it did offer a unique feel and gameplay compared to others of its time. In fact, Shenmue 2 was ranked the tenth best game of all time in the IGN Reader’s Choice, “Top 100 Games of All Time” poll. However, after commercially failing, although a popular title, the development of Shenmue 3 entered a period of development hell which lasted for more than 15 years. However, the cries of fans continued to stream the Internet and social media alike. I too craved another Shenmue game as the previous was left at a cliffhanger. In June 2015, the game’s director Yu Suzuki, after leaving Sega for a while to focus on his own development studio, decided to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to aid in the development of Shenmue 3. The campaign was an immediate success having met its initial target of $2 million in under eight hours, making it the fastest Kickstarter campaign to reach that amount. It ended in July 2015 having raised over $6 million being the fastest and highest funded video game and the sixth highest funded campaign in Kickstarter’s history.

Shenmue 3 will continue the story from the second installment, leaving the series main character Ryo Hazuki in the mountains of Guilin China in search of his father’s killer Lan Di. Having met the literal girl in his prophetic dreams, Shenhua, they learn of a united path between them and Ryo must follow this path to reveal their connected destiny. Ryo will start the game in Bailu Village in Guilin and can journey to a second area called Choubu which is filled with hotels, temples and various shops. A third area called Baisha will expose Ryo to mini games, one of them being reminiscent of the Warring Kingdoms. Shenmue 3 is said to release in the U.S. sometime in the Fall or Winter of 2018.


Check out a trailer of the game Here.


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