Travel Bags


What type of bag do you use when you travel? Does it seem like you never have enough room? Do you feel like you always have too much room and are lugging a big duffle bag around? Well, we are here to help. The type of travel bag that you use doesn’t necessarily depend on your length of stay at your destination. In fact, some may argue, including myself, that your length of stay can have lesser impact than what you use for traveling.

Whether you pack too much, feel like you don’t have enough room, feel like you’re lugging a half-empty suitcase around, or unsure altogether, we’ve got you covered.

The “Overnight” Packer:
An overnight packer tends to pack an outfit or two, even if they are staying somewhere for a few days.  Maybe they don’t plan on going out much, or maybe they plan on washing and re-wearing (I’ve seen both). Whatever the instance, if you are a person that packs little to nothing, you do not need to travel with anything larger than a tote overnight bag.

Try this Nylon Tote bag from Banana Republic for $59.50

Banana Republic Tote.PNG

The “Minimalist” Packer:
If you are a minimalist packer, you probably don’t need anything larger than a backpack. Hence the term “backpackers”. Those that backpack across countries, sometimes for weeks, pack only necessities or items that they know they can use more than once. Packing minimally is both convenient and practical. And, they can come in larger sizes to suit needs.

Try this Herschel Retreat Backpack from Herschel for $79.99

Herschel Backpack

The “Bulky” Packer:
Those who pack bulky items will be better suited to use a duffle bag. Sometimes it isn’t about packing a lot of things. You may be a person that likes to have both a denim jacket and sweater with you when you travel. In comparison, you may only have a select pair of jeans or shirts – the basics, to match. Duffle bags are great for packing bulkier items or just being able to “throw it in the bag” without worrying about the space.  They are also great for just throwing a bunch of items in a bag and just going.

Try this North Face Extra Large Duffel from Zappos for $168.95

Northface duffel

The “Options” Packer:
The options packer is better suited with luggage. I am guilty of being an options packer. I tend to pack at least three to four pair of shoes, multiple jackets, hats, and other accessories. If you are an options packer, it is more than likely that you will need a suitcase when you travel – especially if you are traveling out of the country. When traveling abroad, you tend to develop scenarios in your mind to justify why you are packing so many things. Guilty!

Try this Ted Baker suitcase from Nordstrom’s for $296.25

Ted Baker Suitcase

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