Game Review: Final Fantasy XV


The last canonical installment to the Final Fantasy series was FFXV. Having been impressed by the promotional advertisements and videos that were leaked prior to its release, I was undeniably anxious to play this game. Upon first impressions from the demo where Noctis is tasked with taking down the Behemoth and summoning his first astral, Ramuh, there was already a brilliance to the way the gameplay was delivered to its players. Of course, nowadays most pay attention to the graphical content in a game , instead of the other aspects to which it is compiled, but FFXV delivered in multiple ways and did not deliver in other ways. he story line was impressive nonetheless and the massive environment to which the player can travel to was also fun to explore. I remember purposely riding as far as I could go to the edge of the map just to see how far the land expanded. Exploration was one of the best features in FFXV, having traversed multiple dungeons for the unique rewards and multiple tombs to uncover the royal arms. You can easily get lost in the game for hours and not even realize how much time has passed and still not succumb to the monotony in other games. The hunting system also added another bit of depth to the game as Noctis and crew suddenly become bounty hunters taking on the quests of different citizens to slay unique monsters who dish out even more unique items. Noctis was of course another added bonus to the game , the young son of King Regis of Insomnia venturing out to join with his betrothed Lunafreya Nox Fleuret of Tenabrae in an effort to unite their two warring nations. Understanding the story was not that difficult, but for players who craze to know more it would be beneficial to watch the Kingsglaive movie.


Kingsglaive adds even more to the back story of FFXV and was to me a great picture. Not better than FFVII Advent Children, but far surpassing the first FF film Spirits Within.

Although FFXV had many great features I could not connect with all the characters like I have with other FF games. Other games allowed fora more personable connection which this seemed to lack. Also the loss of having different races of characters was upsetting to me. Most FF teams consist of some sort of foreign creature, a mage and other characters which add distinction to the ranks, but this failed to bring that aspect. Not to mention there is only two continents in the entire game to which I assumed there would be mutiple.

All in all the game was pretty decent, but I would prefer FF return to its previous roots. Oh and I did discover an interesting story online about the history of the astrals and Pitioss Ruins, fans may want to take a gander. Not sure if it is true or not but it is interesting. Check it out Here.

Also if you want to purchase FFXV you can buy it at Amazon.

There is also a mobile app based on the game called Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.


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