Black Panther Claws Through Box-Office Records


Black-Panther-Throne-1200x806Is it too cliché to start of a sentence with “long live the king”?  Well, long live the king!  King T’Challa that is.  Marvel Studio’s Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman, has broken numerous records in only an eight-week run, with the latest being surpassing The Titanic on the top grossing movies of all-time list.  King T’Challa is sitting quite comfortably on the throne.  In 2014, when Marvel announced that it would be making a Black Panther movie, undoubtedly Marvel knew that they were taking gamble.  It would be the studios first release starring an all-black cast.  Up until it’s announcement, and it’s official release, it was the only superhero film released in the MCU with a black character at the forefront.  There was Don Cheadle’s War Machine in Iron Man and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon in Captain America:  The Winter Soldier that had major roles in the MCU releases, but only as supporting characters.  After being introduced in Captain America: Civil War in 2016, skeptical fans were – uh, less skeptical.  The King of Wakanda proved that he deserved his own film, impressing both critics and fans alike.

Fast forward to current day.  Having only been released in February 2018, the film has continued to break records; let’s go over a few.  Even before it hit theaters, the film broke presale records, having sold more advanced tickets than any superhero movie before it – yes, including the MCU movie titans, The Avengers.  And, only six weeks in, the film passed the domestic sales of The Avengers taking in $626 million to their $623 million.  It is also the highest grossing film by a black Director.  A record previously held by F. Gary Gray’s The Fate of the Furious which ended with $1.23 billion in ticket sales.  Five weeks into the film’s release, it was still No. 1 in theaters.  Such a run hadn’t been seen since 2010’s Avatar.  Currently, with domestic sales of $665.4 million, it has passed The Titanic making it to position No. 3 on the all-time top selling movies list.  The film now stands with $1.3 billion in sales.  With the release of Avengers:  Infinity War this month, it is more than likely that the aforementioned flick will break some of those same records.  However, with Deadpool 2 following that release, it could affect the movies numbers.  Nevertheless, right now, King T’Challa is enjoying a well-deserved reign.  Did I mention that it was a good movie?

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